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amsoil synthetic 5w30 motor oil xlamsoil synthetic 5w30 motor oil oeWe stock AMSOIL OE series synthetic oil, XL Extended Drain synthetic oil, Premium 15W-40 synthetic diesel oil, selected Signature Series synthetic oil and AMSOIL absolute efficiency oil filters.

We stock AMSOIL synthetic oils here in Houston. We do AMSOIL oil changes for gas and diesel engines and sell AMSOIL products off-the-shelf to walk-in customers.

AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil helps provide better wear control, improved high and low-temperature protection and increased fuel economy compared to conventional oils. The oil drain interval recommendations for many of today's vehicles extend well beyond the traditional 3,000-mile interval, especially when electronic oil monitoring systems are used. AMSOIL OE Oil provides excellent protection and performance for the entire length of the original equipment manufacturer's recommended drain interval.

Improves Fuel Economy
Formulated with friction modifiers, AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil is a fuel-efficient oil that reduces friction-related energy loss. It provides better fuel economy compared to conventional, non-fuel-efficient motor oils.

Maintains Low Emissions
AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil is friendly toward modern emissions-control systems, promoting proper operation of catalytic converters for optimum service life and low exhaust emissions.

Protects in All Temperatures
OE Synthetic Motor Oil is a multi-viscosity formulation. It resists the effects of thermal breakdown, including evaporation and viscosity loss, while remaining fluid in cold temperatures for easier cold starts and fast startup circulation.

Keeps Engines Clean
Fortified with high levels of detergent and dispersant additives, AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil is engineered to resist sludge and carbon deposits better than conventional oils. It promotes clean operation for longer-lasting, better-running engines.