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Authorized Independent AMSOIL Dealer Kevin Whitaker

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Elgin customers can buy from us locally or buy AMSOIL products here, including synthetic motor oil, synthetic racing and high-zinc oil, synthetic motorcycle oil and fluids, synthetic dirt bike oil and transmission fluid, synthetic diesel oil, synthetic ATV/UTV oil and front drive fluids AND;

Absolute efficiency oil filters, heavy-duty oil filters, by-pass oil filter kits and bypass oil filters, synthetic synthetic gear oil, anti-freeze, synthetic compressor oil, synthetic hydraulic oil, synthetic 2-stroke oil and 4-stroke oil and more

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Free AMSOIL Catalog

The Factory-Direct retail catalog is available by mail and by download; your choice.

This 40+ page, glossy-color catalog has most of AMSOIL's most popular products and retail pricing is shown.

Customers that purchase from the catalog receive Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more.


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Individuals and businesses in the Elgin area can buy AMSOIL, Donaldson, Mann, and WIX products factory-direct wholesale. Wholesale accounts are available in Elgin for individuals, retail businesses, and businesses that use products in their equipment, fleets, and facilities.

Elgin, IL amsoil dealer openings

AMSOIL Dealerships

AMSOIL dealerships are available in Elgin, IL. Dealers buy products wholesale for personal use or to resell and can establish accounts for individuals and businesses.

It's your AMSOIL dealership so you set your schedule/hours, put in as much time as you deem necessary and we're just a phone call away to provide assistance.

Free online, self-paced training to help new dealers become profitable.

buy amsoil wholesale in Elgin, IL
Searching for AMSOIL in Elgin - or where to buy AMSOIL in Elgin - Kevin is a local, Authorized Independent AMSOIL Dealer in Streamwood providing AMSOIL products and services to customers in Elgin, Streamwood, and the surrounding area.
This locator is hosted by authorized independent AMSOIL dealer Kevin Whitaker and is not a complete list of AMSOIL dealers or retail accounts