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Oil filters, by-pass oil filters, air filters for stock replacements, heavy-duty vehicles, hydraulic filters, coolant filters, cabin air-filters and fuel filters for automobiles, pick-ups, motorcycles, ATVs, light-duty diesels, heavy-duty diesels, and heavy equipment.

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Remote ByPass Oil Filters - AMSOIL

oil filter kit amsoil bypass dual remote98.7% efficiency rating at 2 micron.

Extend drain intervals, improve oil cooling, increase oil system capacity, increase filtering capacity, removal smaller particles / soot, extend engine life, increase engine efficiency.

Oil Filters - AMSOIL

Amsoil absolute efficience oil filters 20 micronAMSOIL Oil Filters

Oil Filters (EaO and Ea15K) have one of the best efficiency ratings in the automotive and light truck (gas & diesel) market providing a filtering efficiency of 99 percent at 20 microns.


Motorcycle Oil Filters - AMSOIL

Chrome motorcycle oil filter amsoil

AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil Filters (EaOM)

EaOM Filters last longer, stop smaller dirt particles and offer less restriction than other filters. Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters provide filtering efficiency of 99 percent at 20 microns, outperforming the best cellulose/synthetic blend media on the market.

Most filters available in chrome or black.


Heavy Duty Oil Filters - AMSOIL

Amsoil heavy duty oil filters

AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Oil Filters (EaHD)

EaHD Extended-Life Oil Filters use full-synthetic media that provides a filtering efficiency of 99 percent at 20 microns

Heavy Duty Oil Filters provide excellent filtering efficiency and high levels of contaminant capacity for heavy-duty on-road and off-road gasoline and diesel applications. They provide extended service intervals that coincide with the maximum drain interval recommendations of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils (not to exceed one year).

Lube Filters - Donaldson Blue®

donaldson blue lube oil filters

Donaldson Blue® Lube Filters (DBL)

Reduce oil consumption - increase engine protection - reduce operating costs.
Removes more than 90% of contaminants that are 10 microns or larger, compared to 50% or less for typical cellulose filters.
Deliver nearly double the contaminant carrying capacity of standard cellulose filters. Fully synthetic Synteq media also delivers lower restriction to provide maximum oil flow.
Donaldson Blue lube filters are designed specifically to provide longer filter life – a critical component of any extended filter maintenance program.

Oil Filters - Donaldson P-Series

donaldson oil filters p-series

Donaldson P-Series Oil Filters

Donaldson P-Series oil filters offer premium filtration at a competitive price.

Oil Filters - WIX

WIX spinon oil filter shown

WIX oil filters for auto and diesels

Made with a full metal base plate for superior strength at the double seal & also feature a silicone anti-drainback valve.

Glass-enhanced media in WIX oil filters offers greater efficiency, capturing more 10 to 12 micron sized particles than other cellulose/synthetic blend medias.

Oil Filters - MANN-FILTER

Mann oil filters

Filters from MANN-FILTER purify oil of dirt and solid particles such as dust, abraded metal, carbon deposits and soot particles.

The filter housing is pressure-resistant, protected against corrosion and features a long-life elastomer seal.

MANN-FILTER specializes in European vehicles and provides customers a greater selection of products for vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, Volvo and Jaguar.

Air Filters - WIX

Wix air filters

WIX Air Filters

Panel element air filters have a linear path through the filter for low airflow restriction & an exclusive pocket pleat for the filter media. Radial air filters are constructed of mesh screen on the inside wall diameter for element strength and media protection from backfire.

Air Filters - MANN-FILTER

mann air filters


MANN-FILTER air filters feature optimum pleat geometry for maximum dirt holding capacity and high filtration efficiency for engine protection. They also correct air flow, enhancing engine protection.

Heavy-Duty Air Filters - Donaldson Blue®

air filters donaldson blue

Donaldson Blue® Heavy-Duty Air Filters

Donaldson Blue air filters offer longer engine life, longer filter life, initial efficiency up to 99.99 percent and five times more capacity than conventional cellulose filters.

Longer Engine Life - Longer Filter Life - Double Mileage Guarantee - Extended Maintenance Intervals

Donaldson Blue air filters come with a “twice the miles” guarantee to deliver twice the miles between change intervals over cellulose air filters for on-highway applications, or customers receive a new filter at no charge.

Premium filtration at a competitive price. Full synthetic or synthetic blend media for high efficiency. Specially formulated fibers designed to trap contaminants such as dust, dirt and soot before they reach the engine.

Heavy-Duty Air Filters - Donaldson P-Series

donaldson heavy duty air filters

Donaldson P-Series Heavy-Duty Air Filters

Offer premium filtration at a competitive price. Full synthetic or synthetic blend media for high efficiency. Specially formulated fibers designed to trap contaminants such as dust, dirt and soot before they reach the engine.

6.0 *Ford Power Stroke Air Filter - Donaldson PowerCore®

donaldson heavy duty air filters

2003/2004 Ford Excursion w/6.0L Turbo Diesel
2003/2004 Ford Super Duty Pickups w/ 6.0L Turbo Diesel
2003/2004 Ford Vans with 6.0L Turbo Diesel Engine
2003/2004 IHC VT365 (6.0L) Turbo Diesel Engine

6.6 *GM Duramax Air Filter- Donaldson PowerCore®

donaldson heavy duty air filters

2006 ‐ 2008, GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel

Cabin Air Filters - WIX and MANN

WIX and MANN cabin air filters

WIX and MANN-FILTER Cabin Filters

High-efficiency cabin air filters for passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, buses and off-highway vehicles. Trap & eliminate harmful microbes in the filter medium and reduce the opportunity for those microbes to be released into the air of vehicle occupants.

Diesel Fuel Filters - Donaldson & WIX

diesel fuel filters

Donaldson and WIX Fuel Filters

Provide unmatched fuel cleansing performance - prevent pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and help boost fuel efficiency. Offer quick, easy filter replacement, long life and the possibility of extended service intervals.

Gasoline Engine Fuel Filters - WIX & MANN-FILTER

MANN & WIX gas fuel filters

WIX & MANN-FILTER Gas Engine Fuel Filters

Provide unsurpassed operational safety for engines, reliably protecting the delicate injection mechanism and the carburetor while removing unwanted contaminants from the fuel.

Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters - Donaldson Blue® & P-Series

coolant filters donaldson blueDonaldson Blue® & P-Series Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters

Donaldson coolant filters are designed to maintain the proper chemical balance and reduce contaminants in the engine cooling system.
Coolant filters, with SCA, are available for the majority of heavy-duty diesel engine service requirements.

SCA chemicals in the filter are released into the coolant as it passes through. SCA helps resist corrosion and cavitation in the engine.

Transmission Filters - WIX & Donaldson P-Series

transmission filters

Protect automatic transmissions against contaminants in the transmission fluid system. Proper filtration helps improve transmission life by minimizing wear and preventing sticking and scoring of sensitive shift control valves.

Hydraulic Filters - Donaldson & WIX

hydraulic filters donaldson

To operate at peak efficiency, fluid contaminants in a hydraulic system must be kept to an absolute minimum. WIX has applied its superior filter design and manufacturing expertise to produce high quality hydraulic filters for a variety of applications.

Donaldson develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of industrial hydraulic filters for the protection of machinery and components in hundreds of applications in the factory and on heavy duty-mobile equipment.

Oil Filter Wrenches - AMSOIL

oil filter wrenches amsoil3/8" drive, fluted oil filter wrenches to fit AMSOIL auto, diesel, motorcycle, and ATV/UTV oil filters.


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