AMSOIL Motor Oil: 100% Synthetic

AMSOIL synthetic oils, including 2-stroke oil, 4-stroke oil,diesel, motorcycle, and natural gas engine oils are purpose built synthetic motor oils for high quality, dependable protection based on OEM requirements, equipment use and operating conditions.

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Amsoil synthetic motor oil

Gasoline Motor Oil

Synthetic oil for gasoline engines: Three tiers of protection for modern-day engines plus high zinc oil for flat tappet cam engines, and natural gas engine oil, and break-in oil.

amsoil sunthetic diesel motor oil

Diesel Oil

Synthetic diesel oils for highway, off-road diesel engines, and high performance diesels: incuding modern diesels, earlier year diesels, smaller diesels, stationary diesels, and marine diesels.

amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil

Motorcycle Oil

Synthetic motorcycle oils for V-twins and metric motorcycles; Harley Davidson, EBR, Honda, Susuki, Triumph, Victory, Indian and more. Harley Davidson oil change kits.

amsoil synthetic dirt bike oil

Dirt Bike Oil

Synthetic dirt bike oils developed specifically for the demands levied on dirt bike engines and drivetrains.

2 stroke motor synthetic amsoil oil

2-Stroke Oil

Synthetic 2 stroke premix and injector oils for snowmobiles, PWC, ATV, marine engines, motorcycles, equipment, and racing applications.

synthetic amsoil 4 stroke motor oil

4-Stroke Oil

Synthetic 4 stroke oils for marine engines, snowmobiles, PWC, and commercial-grade for small engines.

amsoil synthetic atv utv motor oil


Synthetic oil for the ATV and UTV community plus the original synthetic 0W-40 for ATVs and other equipment. Oil change kits for Polaris and Can-Am

synthetic amsoil european motor oil

European Oil

Synthetic oil for European vehicles to meet the demands of differant engines, emissions systems, and OEM requirements. Gas & Diesel.

synthetic amsoil  racing motor oil

Racing Oil

Dominator synthetic racing oil in four viscosities to cover time trials to full-out racing. Plus AMSOIL/Briggs & Stratton synthetic 4T racing oil for B&S race engines.

amsoil synthetic natural gas motor oil

Natural Gas Oil 

Low ash synthetic natural gas engine oils are available for vehicular natural gas fueled engines (15W-40) and stationary natural gas fuel engines (SAE (20W) 40).

For the most part it is evident that a Twin Cam Street Glide Harley, a four-cylinder Honda Accord, and a Freightliner with a DD15 Detroit diesel each have differant lubrication demands; and each requires an economiically feasible motor oil with unique characteristics to keep the engine internals clean and functioning smoothly; maintain fuel efficiency, and help prevent premature failure; AMSOIL synthetic oils meet and exceed those needs. Choose your level of protection from the categories above.