Motor Oil and Fluid Analysis Kits

Analysis performed by an independent certified lab - Oil Analyzers Inc., a division of AMSOIL INC. provides oil analysis, fuel analysis, coolant analysis, gear oil and transmission fluid analysis. Buy an oil analysis kit here and send it to the lab; it is that simple!

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Types of Analysis Available

Fluid Analysis Kits Available Include Engine Motor Oil - Turbine Oil - Gear Oil - Transmission Fluid - Compressor Oil - Industrial Oils - Hydraulic Oils - Coolant - Diesel Fuel - Diesel Fuel Performance - Winter Diesel Fuel testing. Specialized fluid analysis is available upon request.


Why Fluid Analysis?

UOA used oil analysis near me By analyzing used fluids a qualified lab can detect premature, hidden mechanical problems while they are still in the "fix-it" phase before the failure matures into a full-blown "time for an overhaul" failure.

Some hidden/incipient types of automotive failure consist of: Coolant seeping into the lubricating oil caused by a head gasket, corroded/leaking cooler, faulty sealing - oil diluted with gas/fuel from over-rich mixtures, injector spray patterns, DPF regen, bio-fuels - oil contaminated with dust/dirt/sand due to leaking air intakes or a dusty operating environment - gearbox/transmission/differential premature wear.

Or maybe your fleet or factory uses Condition Based Mainentance (CBM) and you need a source for oil analysis kits and a reputable lab to support your assets.


Kits for Fluid Analysis

UOA oil analysis kits The kits contain a sample bottle, a return envelope, address labels, and a form to describe the equipment.

Kits01 - Kit06 are for Engine Oil Analysis, Drivetrain Fluids, Compressor Oils, Industrial Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Turbine Oils

  • Product Code: Kit01 Postage Pre-Paid Kit

  • Product Code: Kit02 UPS Pre-Paid Kit

  • Canadian Product Code: Kit401 UPS Pre-Paid Kit

  • Product Code: Kit06 Non-Postage Paid Kit

  • Canadian Product Code: Kit402 Non-Postage Paid

  • Product Code: Kit14 Value Kit for motor Oil Only Non-postage Paid

  • Product Code: Kit09 Coolant Analysis UPS Pre-Paid Kit

  • Canadian Product Code: Kit403 Coolant Analysis Non-Postage Paid Kit

  • Product Code: Kit10 Fuel Contamination UPS Pre-Paid Kit

  • Product Code: Kit11 Fuel Performance UPS Pre-Paid Kit

  • Product Code: Kit12 Winter Fuel Package UPS Pre-Paid Kit

  • Product Code: Kit13 Premium Winter Fuel Package UPS Pre-Paid Kit


Used Motor Oil / Engine Oil Analysis Kit

Product Codes: Kit01 (postage prepaid), Kit02 (UPS prepaid), Kit06 (non postage paid), or Kit14 (non postage paid)

Note Kit14 Value Kit -Do not use Kit14 for the first sample: Less tests are performed on the sample compared to the full-service kits Kit01, Kit02, Kit06. Use Kit14 when you only want to determine if your oil needs changing. If you want to set or extend drain intervals, or if you suspect abnormal contamination such as fuel dilution, coolant contamination, etc. we recommend one of the full service kits (Kit01, Kit02, Kit06).

Motor oil / engine oil is by far the most common fluid submitted for analysis, but some customers do not realize how many other types of lubricants can be analyzed. The regular oil analysis kit can be used to test most driveline fluids and many industrial fluids as well (Kit01, Kit02, Kit06).

Reports are available via email and your free online account.

The Kit01, 02, and 06 analysis analyzes and reports on:: Wear metals - Contaminant metals - Multi-source metals - Additive metals - Contamination (fuel, soot, water) - Fluid properties (viscosity, acid / base number, oxidation, nitration), and a lab recommendation). Refer to the Oil Analysis Brochure link below for a detailed discussion of what is analyzed and reported to you:

Oil Analysis Brochure (pdf)


Contact Us if you still have questions..


Coolant Analysis Kit

Product Code: Kit09 (UPS prepaid)

The coolant analysis analyzes and reports on: Corrosion, contaminant and inhibitor metals, pH, Glycol % (Ethylene or Propylene Glycol), Freeze Point, Boil Point, Nitrite, SCA Number, Total Dissolved Solids, Specific Conductance, Total Hardness, Visuals (color, oil, fuel, magnetic precipitate, non-magnetic recipitate, odor & foam)


Basic Fuel Analysis Kit - Fuel Contamination

Product Code: Kit10 (UPS prepaid)

diesel fuel analysis kit

NOTE: The Cold Filter Plug Point test can be added to any fuel test package.

The basic fuel kit - contamination - analyzes and reports on: Water & Sediments and Aerobic Bacteria.


Basic Fuel Analysis Kit - Diesel Performance

Product Code: Kit11 (UPS prepaid)

NOTE: The Cold Filter Plug Point test can be added to any fuel test package

The basic fuel kit - diesel fuel performance - analyzes and reports on: 24 Metals by ICP, Viscosity @ 40°C, Calculated Cetane Index, Distillation, and API Gravity.

Basic Winter Fuel Analysis Kit - Winter Diesel

Product Code: Kit12 (UPS prepaid)

NOTE: The Cold Filter Plug Point test can be added to any fuel test package

The basic winter fuel kit - winter diesel - analyzes and reports on: Diesel fuel Cloud Point and Pour Point.

Premium Winter Fuel Analysis Kit - Winter Diesel

Product Code: Kit13 (UPS prepaid)

The premium winter diesel fuel kit analyzes and reports on: Diesel Fuel Cloud Point, Pour Point , and Cold Filter Plug Point.


Oil Analysis Hand Pump

Product Code: G1206

UOA used oil analysis pumpThe pump enables you to draw an oil sample (4 oz.) from the dipstick tube.

The oil analysis hand pump comes with 10' of plastic hose.

The pump does not come with the bottle. The bottle is included in the one of the kits above.

G1571 Replacement hose is available in 25' length

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Oil Analyers Newsletter 14 September 2017

What Happened to Particle-Count Testing?

Polarius oil analysis labOur customers who regularly requested particle-count testing of oil samples were recently given the bad news that Oil Analyzers INC. no longer offers the test. Particle-count testing provides insight into the number of contaminant particles in an oil sample. While this news does not affect all of our customers, I feel the need to explain the reason for this decision.

How particle-count testing works

To determine particle count, we used a pore-blockage test that required the oil sample to pass through a filter with holes 10 microns in size. The particles that the filter caught were counted and the numbers of particles in sizes above and below 10 microns were calculated from that number. For many years, the pore-blockage test was the best in the industry at measuring particle count.

New technology, new test

Technology, however, has advanced and the Optical Laser Particle Count Test has emerged as a much quicker and more accurate particle-count test, particularly for hydraulic fluids. Because of this, testing equipment and repair parts for equipment used to conduct pore-blockage testing are no longer available, forcing labs to upgrade to the newer test method. While this is what happened with Oil Analyzers INC., there is a catch.
The Optical Laser Particle Count test does not work well for darker fluids, specifically used engine oil samples. Unfortunately, many of our customers liked to use particle-count testing to prove the effectiveness of their bypass filtration systems.
We’ve reached out to other labs to see which still offer pore-blockage testing, but none of them do, confirming the decision of the industry to move forward to the newer test method.

Bypass filtration info

Although we now offer the Optical Laser Particle Count Test, there is no replacement for pore-blockage particle-count testing. If you need information about AMSOIL bypass filtration, [Go To ByPass Oil Filters] which includes information about how bypass systems work, applications, installations and frequently asked questions.
Allen Bender
OAI Manager

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