ByPass Oil Filter Kit 6.7 Cummins

Photos - 2017 RAM 2500 ByPass Oil Filter System Installation

Customer submitted photos courtesy of Owen J.

2017 Ram 6.7 Cummins

6.7 Cummins ByPass Oil Filter Kit Photos

The AMSOIL BMK34 bypass oil filter kit fits RAM 5.9 (2004 and later) and 6.7 Cummins diesels (refer to the installation instructions below for an illustrated breakdown of items in the kit).

The Kit includes these items:

  • The bypass filter mount
  • EaBP90 bypass oil filter
  • BK1303 aluminum billet oil fill cap
  • 12' of 1/4" I.D. hose
  • Hose-end fittings
  • 90° and 45° fittings
  • Mounting brackets
  • Bolts, washers, nuts.

BMK34 Installation Instructions (pdf)

ByPass oil filter & mount shown with filter

ford 6.0 bypass oil filter kit mounting

AMSOIL EaBP90 bypass oil filter that comes in the kit.


ByPass oil filter mount shown without the oil filter

amsoil bypass oil filter manifold mounted

The filter mount (manifold) comes in the kit.

Supply line (from the engine OEM filter manifold) and return line (to the engine oil fill cap) are shown connected.

12' of hose and hose-end fittings are in the kit.


Filtered oil return to engine oil fill cap

ford 6.0 power stroke bypass oil filter capFiltered oil returns to the engine from the bypass oil filter mount using the BK1303 aluminum billet oil fill cap that is included in the kit.



Engine oil fill billet cap close-up

ford 6.0 power stroke bypass oil filter cap amsoilFiltered oil from the AMSOIL by-pass oil filter returns to the engine through the BK1303 aluminum billet oil fill cap. The adapter in the center of the billet cap rotates to allow you to easily remove / install the cap for oil servicing.

Oil feed line from engine to oil bypass mount

amsoil 90 degree ford bypass oil filter fittingRemove the plug in the top of the engine filter head and install the desired fitting in the OEM filter head.

This photo shows the supply line from the OEM oil filter manifold (filter head) connected to a BP614, 45° elbow. The elbow is included in the kit.

Two other options are to use a straight fitting (BP241 not included in the kit) or a 90° fitting (BP242 included in the kit).

Note: The AMSOIL full-flow oil filter (EaO80) is not included in the kit.


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