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FASS Fuel Filter Cross Reference

Cross Reference FASS Fuel Filters to Donaldson Fuel Filters / Water Separators

FASS titanium fuel filters cross refThe information provided here should help those with FASS Titanium* fuel filtration systems to select alternative high quality filters for their FASS installations.

FASS replacement fuel filters wholesale


The Donaldson filters are linked so that you can check prices or purchase however; be mindful that the prices you see are the retail prices while wholesale prices are ~25% less than retail. Call us at 1-888-428-3319 before you purchase your filters and we will make sure that you get the best price available.

Donaldson Replacement Fuel / Water Separators

fass fuel water separator replacement cross ref

FASS FS-1001 crosses to these Donaldson filters available through this website:

P551000 9.92" Tall (10 micron)

P551001 7.68" Tall (10 micron)

P558000 7.68" Tall (15 micron)

Donaldson Replacement Fuel Filters

FASS fuel filter replacement filter cross refFASS FF-3003 (FWS-3003 discontinued by FASS) crosses to these Donaldson filters available through this website:

P550625 is 10.75" Tall (3 micron)

P551311 is 9.17" Tall (3 micron)

P551313 is 6.95" Tall (3 micron)

P557440 is 6.85" Tall (9 micron)

For more technical information on the Donaldson filters visit the Donaldson Filters website.

NOTE: FASS discontinued the FWS-3003 part number and has replaced it with the FF-3003.

One of our customers has a FASS Titanium® fuel system on his 2012 Dodge 3500 with a 6.7 Cummins. He is in the hotshot business so a lot of fuel flows through those injectors in a year's time and clean fuel is a must when your truck is your livelyhood.

Even if you do not earn your living with your truck, I will go out on a limb and say that it is wiser to keep those "new injector" dollars in your pocket than send them to the manufacturer of fuel injectors.

The owner of the truck asked us to cross his FASS fuel filters over to a high quality filter that he could purchase through his AMSOIL wholesale account. To make it easy he provided us with a page (page-18) from his FASS Titanium Series manual.

We received the FASS information in September of 2014 and put together some information that actually ended up saving the customer some money while providing high quality Donaldson fuel filters and fuel/water filters as replacements for his original FASS filters.

DISCLAIMER: We compiled this information from the FASS manual and the Donaldson website in September of 2014 and it was accurate at that time. Make sure that these filters are suitable substitutes for your installation before you purchase.

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