Ford 6.7 Power Stroke ByPass Oil Filter System

Photos of a 2012 F250 Dual Remote ByPass Oil Filter System Installation

Customer submitted photos courtesy of Chris O.

These photographs show the AMSOIL "dual remote" bypass oil filter system installed on a 6.7 Power Stroke Super Duty.

In April 2017 AMSOIL released a "single remote" bypass oil filter kit for the 6.7 Power Stroke Super Duty.

6.7 Power Stroke ByPass Oil Filter Kit BMK28

ford 6.7 powerstroke bypass oil filter kit

    The BMK28 Kit includes these items:
  • EaBP100 bypass oil filter & EaO26 full-flow oil filter
  • 12' of 1/2" ID hose & hose-end fittings
  • Engine adapter for the 6.7 PSD
  • Mounting brackets
  • Filter manifold
  • Illustrated Installation Instructions(pdf) with parts list and tool list.

6.7 PSD ByPass Oil Filter System Shown Mounted

ford 6.7 power stroke bypass photo installationRight side of vehicle looking forward

Macro view of the manifold, both filters, and hoses on the vehicle

Easy access

Detailed photos to follow.


6.7 Power Stroke ByPass Engine Adapter

6.7 power stroke engine bypass oil filter adapter

View looking forward

The engine adapter installs on the engine filter boss

This photo shows the engine adapter installed with the supply and return lines connected

The OEM oil filter is removed and discarded to allow installation of the engine adapter

The OEM oil filter is not needed since that function is now performed by the EaO26 full-flow oil filter on the bypass manifold.

Engine Adapter (view looking up)

6.7 power stroke bypass oil filter adapter view up

AMSOIL BMK28 ByPass Manifold (view looking up)

Amsoil bypass oil filter manifoldRight side of vehicle looking up

6.7 PSD ByPass Filter Manifold Mounted on Chassis

6.7 power stroke Amsoil bypass oil filter photosRight side of vehicle looking aft

ByPass oil filter manifold mounted on the chassis with the bypass and full-flow filters installed.



Cushioned Clamps to Secure Hose

6.7 ford power stroke bypass oil filter clampsChris purhased the cushioned hose/tube clamps locally

Cushioned clamps do not come with the kit

"Adel" is one brand name that comes to mind

Most parts stores carry an array of cushioned clamps.

Cushioned Clamps Closeup

6.7 psd clamps bypass oil filter clamps photoA closer look at two hoses secured with a couple of cushioned clamps.

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