Nissan 5.0 Cummins ByPass Oil Filter Kit

Photos of a 2018 Nissan Titan XD ByPass Oil Filter Kit Installed

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20xx Nissan XD with 5.0 Cummins diesel

Photographs of a 2018 Nissan Titan XD, 5.0 Cummins with the AMSOIL BMK-34 remote bypass oil filter kit installed.

With the AMSOIL By-Pass oil filter kit installed, the engine has an extra quart of oil in the system and a percentage of the engine oil is constantly passing through the 2-micron, 98.7% efficient by-pass oil filter.

5.0 Cummins ByPass Components

Nissan XD 5.0 Cummins bypass oil filter kit BMK34

  • Machined aluminum billet oil fill cap (blue) in the center of the coil of hose
  • 12' of 1/4" ID high-pressure hose
  • EaBP90 bypass oil filter (left black filter)
  • EaO80 full-flow oil filter (right black filter) not included in the kit
  • Filter mount
  • BK1104 engine adapter (blue) for the 5.0 Cummins not included in the kit
  • Mounting hardware
  • Hose-end fittings (screw-on nipple & socket)
  • Illustrated Installation Instructions (pdf) with parts list and tool list.

5.0 Cummins ByPass Oil Filter System Installed

Nissan Titan XD oil bypass filter photo installation

  • Right side of vehicle looking to the left side
  • Filter mount mounted adjacent to the right battery
  • Lines temporarily routed with zip ties
  • Far side of photo shows return line connected to the machined aluminum billet oil fill cap (blue spec) below the dipstick (yellow)
  • Filter access is snug but doable. ByPass filter recommended change is every-other full-flow filter change.

Installing ByPass Oil Filter Components on the 5.0 Cummins

  • Now that we have seen what the systems looks like with everything installed, let's take a look at installing the individual components
  • NOTE: Since we are merely showing the system and component installation to give you an idea of the installation process, general shop practices such as "set the parking brake...:", disconnect the negative battery cables" or "wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)" will not be discussed below.
  • Below we will look at locating and drilling holes to mount the bypass oil filter mount
  • Replacing the OEM full-flow oil filter with the engine filter adapter
  • The illustrated Installation Instructions (pdf) are quite detailed if, at this time, you want to see the details.

Where to Locate the Filter Mount

Nissan 5.0 cummins install photos

  • I elected to go with the right side of the engine bay to mount the filter mount
  • Remove the right battery
  • Attach the bypass oil filter to the filter mount (not shown) and determine which position will allow you to remove the oil filter for filter changes
  • Position the drill template (post card looking paper on the body)
  • Center punch the hole locations using the template
  • Drill the holes (below)

Nissan Titan XD 5.0 Cummins drill template

Install the ByPass Oil Filter Mount

Nissan Titan XD bypass oil filter mount

  • Install the filter mount with the hardware provided in the kit
  • In the top photo the two street-elbows are not installed in the top of the mount
  • In the photo below the two street elbows and fittings have been installed
  • The battery is back in place
  • Almost ready to start routing and connecting hoses.

Nissan 5.0 cummins bypass oil filter

Install the BK1104 Engine Adapter

Nissan Titan 5.0 Cummins engine adapter

  • View looking up and aft from the left front of the engine
  • The OEM engine oil filter is removed
  • BK1104 engine adapter (blue ring) is installed on the OEM filter boss
  • Notice that there is a 90-degree fitting inserted into the side of the adapter; pressure oil is ported from the engine to the bypass filter via this fitting
  • Make up your hoses/fittings and route the hoses.
  • The next photo (below) shows an AMSOIL EaO80 full-flow oil filter mounted on the adapter.

Filter Adapter with Full-Flow Oil Filter Installed

Nissan Titan XD full flow oil filter

  • View looking up and aft from the left front of the engine
  • AMSOIL EaO80 full-flow oil filter installed on the BK1104 adapter
  • Oil pressure line that feeds the bypass oil filter is connected to the 90-degree fitting

5.0 Cummins Return Oil Through Oil Fill Cap

Nissan Titan XD 5.0 Cummins clean oil return

  • View looking from left to right side under-hood
  • After the engine oil passes through the 2-micron bypass oil filter, the clean oil is returned to the engine here
  • The blue machined billet oil fill cap is tapped for the elbow shown installed
  • The billet cap has a swivel in the center to allow the cap to be removed without disturbing the oil return line.

Nissan Titan XD 5.0 Cummins By-Pass Filter Kit

Tital XD 5.0 Cummins by-pass oil filter installed

  • View looking from right side over to the left side
  • Engine is filled with ~11 quarts of AMSOIL 5W-40 (DEO) synthetic diesel oil
  • All bypass components are connected and no leaks
  • The by-pass oil filter adds ~1.0 quart of oil to the engine lube system
  • A percentage of the engine oil is continuously flowing through the 2-micron by-pass oil filter.