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AMSOIL Synthetic RC Series Gear and Bearing Oils are primarily recommended for gear and bearing applications and circulating systems requiring Rust and Oxidation (R&O) and anti-wear (AW) additive technology.

AMSOIL Synthetic RC Series gear and bearing oils are not stocked at all AMSOIL Distribution Centers; call us to check availability and to order toll free 1-888-428-3319

Synthetic R&O and AW Gear & Bearing

amsoil synthetic R&O AW gear bearing oil

AMSOIL RC Series R&O / AW Synthetic Gear and Bearing Oil

Product Codes: RCH (ISO 32), RCI (ISO 46), RCJ (ISO68), RCK (ISO100), RCL (ISO150), RCM (ISO220), RCN (ISO320), RCO (ISO460)

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Available in seven ISO viscosity grades (VG). AMSOIL RC Series Rust & Oxidation (R&O) and Anti-Wear (AW) synthetic gear and bearing oils are not stocked at all AMSOIL INC distribution centers.

This product prevents wear and protects equipment by maintaining its viscosity, resisting thermal and oxidative breakdown, incorporating anti-wear additives, preventing rust, and resisting the degrading effects of water.

AMSOIL's complete additive technology enhances the oil's performance.

The non-detergent, ashless anti-wear additives in the RC Series provide an additional layer of protection against wear in severe conditions.

Rust inhibitors protect critical components against corrosion in the presence of water or process contaminants, anti-oxidants increase the oil's oxidation resistance, which extends lubricant life, and the foam suppressants prevent unwanted foaming and air entrapment.

Water Resistant

Hydrolytic stability (stability in the presence of water) and demulsibility (ability to readily separate from water) are important features provided by the RC Series lubricants. This increases lubricant life, prevents oil/water emulsions, and allows for reservoirs to be drained of water caused by the environment, processes or condensation.

AMSOIL's unique combination of synthetic base oils and additives extends service life and operating temperatures while providing clean, problem-free operation.


  • Long life / Extended drains
  • Thermally stable / Yellow metals compatible
  • Anti-wear / Anti-foam fortified
  • Anti-rust / Anti-oxidation additives
  • Cold temperature performance
  • Meets AGMA R&O and Synthetic Gear Oil classifications
  • Hydrolytically stable and readily separates from water
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